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Default Re: Overpacking AF

i think i do something similar to what ari is saying (unless what you are saying is that you push it down a little denser than normal before the foil goes on). i pack fluffy, but about 0.25" - 0.375" (that seems really specific, but this is an eyeball measure, and decimals write out better in plain text) above the bowl and then let the foil push it down. i'm doing this with a standard egyptian bowl without any airflow problems. [after writing it all out, it seems we are, in fact, not doing the same thing...]

i still haven't tried Dee's method where he super overpacks (like 1" over the rim) and then reams out airflow holes. looks interesting, but i don't think i'd try it with AF. really want to try it on my Nak Shes. Margarita.
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