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Default Re: Help with buying a hose adapter to make my 1 hose hookah a 2 hose!

If I read your description of the purge valve assembly on your hookah correctly when you remove the valve you have a short piece of pipe sticking out with threads on the outside of it where the purge valve cap screws on over it. Basically an attached male part with a removeable female part. If that is the case then the adaptors you showed above won't work because they all have male screw in ends, as evidenced by the threads showing in the picture. What you would need is a hose adaptor with a female threaded end on it to screw on over the male portion that is part of your pipe stem. If someone made a female/female threaded collar you could use that to adapt a male hose adaptor to a male receptacle on a pipe stem but I know of none of these in production. I also am not aware of any female threaded hose adaptors, either, though someone else might be more well informed than I am. Of course, all of this is moot if I didn't understand your description well. Pictures would be a real big help in letting us help you. Attach a pic of your disassembled purge valve and then there wouldn't be any questions as to the description of your rig. Smoke happy.

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