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Default Too bad no one lives near us!

I ordered my new hookah from Mahir (Nazarhookah) yesterday...

Today my fingers lead me to Hookahcompany and bought some more shisha...

250g Layalina Peach
250g Al Fakher Coconut
50g Al Fakher Mint (they are out of 250g)
250g Fusion Mango Raspberry
250g Fusion Chocolate Strawberry

Plus, I bought 200g of Starbuzz Chocolate Mint from someone else.

LOL - Good old Smoke down at my place when this all gets in!

My BF will kill me when he finds out - but hey, it's my damn money and I'll do what I want with it... plus this is IT for the next 4-6 months. No more Hookah stuff, unless I run out of coals or something breaks!

I have GOT to get a new car and other various high dollar items! No more disposable income.... oh well, it's only money and it's not like you can take it with you!
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