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I can't see the pics, but if it cost $250, I'm sure you'll be more than happy with it. You obviously have one of their higher end models (which are the best to have IMO), but I think the price is a little steep. You could've problaby had it cheaper through one of the online vendors. Regardless, you shouldn't feel the need to buy another hookah any time soon or at all...

Now, on the hose. DO NOT wash the Mya hose. Even though Mya claims the Cloisonne hose to be washable, in reality it's not. The Mya Cloisonne hose that came with my Mya 30 inch Blue Column, ended up rusting from the inside only after a couple of months of use. I had never ran water through it or anything. It rusted on it's own from outside humidity.

My advice would be to get yourself a Nammour Hose. It's 100% safe to wash and won't rust since it's not made of the same material as most other hoses on the inside. It's $20, but it's most problaby the last hose you'll ever have to purchase. Trust me, it's no fun inhaling bits and pieces of rust during a session. You should problaby look into it as soon as you can. Your Mya hose will problaby last you a while without rusting, but eventually it will. It's not a matter of if, but when...
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