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Default just when i thought smoking starbuzz fuzzy lemonade was impossible.

ok, so i know some of you know that starbuzz fuzzy lemonade tends to be a very harsh flavor, they screwed up somewhere, and while it not have been an intolerable level or harshness it was very very annoying to the point where i would just stop smoking it, couldnt take deep hits etc.. well this was a shame considering the flavor of this shisha is fanfuckingtastic. That was all until tonight, i dont know if god was on my side or what but i decided to pack it differently than normal. I went with the phunnel bowl this time, i usually tend to stay away from thsi because it is just to big and i never smoke long enough unless im with a lot of people to consider, but i said eff it and i went with it, i then proceeded to fill my KM JUMBO BASE with ice lots of ice! and i filled the water line higher than usual to make the space where smoke collects smaller so there would be less smoke held in the base hopefully cooling it greater. well i dont know if im a genius hahaha its not really that big of a deal, i was just very proud of myself for getting an enjoyable experience out of this flavor, it only took 2/3d's of the tin. so if any of you out there have had this problem, and havent tried this give it a shot because its an awesome flavor.

-i do understand that using a phunnel bowl and lots of ice is not any where near a great scientific discovery.
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