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Originally Posted by Flegma3124 View Post
oh alright so forget washing the hose. but everything else can be washed?? do i just run water through it or what?? sorry for the stupid questions this is my first hookah. and also how does that air intake ball bearing thing work?

I just run hot water through my hookahs, and it cleans them just fine. Don't forget to use the thin brush which should have come with it to clean the stem, and the wide brush to clean the base.

The ball bearing thingy, is actually a purge valve. It's there so that if your session begins to get harsh, you canblow into the hose and clear out the chamber of harsh smoke. This works more effectively on other hookahs such as egyptians and Syrians. On Mya's, the way they're designed, the purge valave won't clear all of the smoke in the chamber. Just about half of it.

Once you get the hang of it though, you shouldn't need to worry about the session getting harsh. That's pretty much something you can prevent all together by making sure you rotate the coals every so often. And also by making sure you have good coals and shisha. You also have to pack it right, because packing it the wrong way can also potetntially cause harshness.

Go to the following links for intructions on how to properly set up a hookah:




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