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Default Re: Hookah Bar Flavors

There is a lot to factor in. If they use non-washable hoses, are they separating the hoses for each flavor? Brand of the shisha, they usually have different tiers, regular, premium, or specials. Type of tobacco. Most hookahs bars in NYC for "regular" they use al-fahker. And their premium lines would be Starbuzz. But that will change base on how up-scale the place is trying to be. Or it could be the way they are packing the bowl (which leads back to type of brand)?

Whenever i go to a Hookah Bar, i never settle for regular or even just starbuzz. I always go for the fruit bowls. Cause i can never do that at home, and why go out listen to music and smoke when you can do the same at home for a fraction of the cost.

Unless they got the belly dancers going or some live entertainment going on.
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