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Default Dallas peeps: Remember Velvet Hookah?

Was just recollecting on some of the most lucid memories (in a not so lucid environment!) that I had at the awesome Velvet Hookah location in Deep Ellum. This place seemed to just vanish overnight in early 2009 and I was always so bummed about it. The drinks were a bit overpriced and sometimes the service left something to be desired, but the music (the ambient house spinning was INCREDIBLE there) and ambiance were amazing. I definitely remember the "same taste" effect with a lot of their hookahs but for some reason I just didn't care; I was also a hookah noob then, too.

I read up a bit on it and it was owned by an Ehab Elsaadi, who actually at some point manage(s?)d City Streets in Fort Worth, the most well-known club out there. No one seems to know where he is. Sure would like some closure on this tragic end!
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