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Default New Hookah Already!

Well, i've out grown my one hose, as its not too friendly with groups of 4 or more.

I loved it, I had the KM Para-dice.

However, im looking for suggestions on good two hose.

I want it to last awhile, as build quality is important and solid brass/metal/whatever is much better for me instead of just plated hookahs.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?

Also, is the nammor hose, phunnel bowl, and heba diffuser worth it?

Im also making the switch to natural coals this time around, and I have heard good things about exoticas. So I think i'll give those a shot. Any one have any other recc's?

One last question, im trying to find widely accepted brands/flavors of shisha that are to die for.

I know most people love AF Grape, which i'll be getting as well as Fantasia Pink Lemonade. Any other staple shisha flavors I should buy?

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