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Default Re: just when i thought smoking starbuzz fuzzy lemonade was impossible.

Originally Posted by manjaco View Post
Dude ice takes up more room as a solid than as a liquid, the water level will actually decrease when the ice melts.
not to thread jack (though i really have no thoughts on SB lemonade flavor to contribute) or start a new heated debate, but this made me think of something bigger. if the earth's climate is slowly increasing in temperature (i understand this is not the place to debate whether or not "global warming" is real or what role humans could play in climate change) and the polar ice caps melt... will sea level go up, down, or remain basically the same?

Originally Posted by Wikipedia entry for Iceberg
Because the density of pure ice is about 920 kg/m, and that of sea water about 1025 kg/m, typically only one-tenth of the volume of an iceberg is above water.
that means roughly 90% submerged, and the density ratio of pure ice to seawater is about 90%. i think it'd stay roughly the same... so much for florida sinking

***EDIT*** then again, warmer water is less dense... screw it, i'm not sure. thoughts anyway?

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