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Default Re: Don't you hate it...

I have two mya's. Both smoke great! ONe is a bohemian and one is a modern.

However, I have never smoked a hookah at a hookah shop that was a mya. All have been egyptians. Frankly, I think an egyptian smokes better, and while I don't know from experience the base on an egyptian seems like it should clean better. Bohemians seem to have very narrow necks and large bowls with difficult to reach areas, and moderns, well they are a little better but getting into the far corners at the bottome is very difficult.

But I also have had friends who had an egyptian. And it smoked a little better than my MYA's, regardless of who was packing it, me, my friend etc. So, I don't think that the egytian quality over mya is because "it was a hookah shop". Besides, I pack a goddamn good hookah.

However, I have not had syrian hookahs yet. But, the bases don't look generally as good as egyptians. I know looks can be decieving.
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