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Default What do YOU! want to see in video reviews?

Hello HookahPro community!
Well recently I have decided in going into the whole video review world and I wanted to know everyones opinions on what they really want to see in video reviews. Now, I know im not an active member of HookahPro, but I promise you I have been smoking hookah for quite awhile and have tried a wide range of hookah products. Not saying im perfect or necessarily good, but at least I have somewhat of a knowledge of hookah. Which Im pretty sure everyone here also has. But anyway back to the point, what do all of you (the hookahpro community) want to see in video reviews? Many people mention cut, taste, smoke, smokability, preparation, heat management, temperature of base, temperature of smoke, smoke density, ease of storing. Stuff like that. What is your opinion of lets say... the top 3 things you want to know when watching a video review. Happy Smoking everyone
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