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Default Need advice on some brands, and website

I just saw patels video review about , he gave it a 10/10, so I went to the website to check it out.

First, they sell a few KM hookahs. I am looking for a nice hookah which is not too tall, like 85 cm max (that's ~33 inch max), and saw a KM Butterfly for 50, and the trimetal 86 cm for 65, both looks gorgeous! And they got a few other KM's for 50-65.

Anyway, are these prices cheap for KM's, so is trimetal for 65 cheap/butterfly for 50 cheap? It seems like you get a KM hose with it.. but not sure about that.

When I saw those KM's, I went checking out the tobacco they sold. I know German tobacco sucks, but trying a few samples is never wrong.

I saw 4 brands of tobacco I don't know:
- Arabica Tobacco
- Bisan Tobacco
- Crystal Tobacco
- Sahara Tobacco

Anyone knows these brands, or one of them, and can tell me how the tobacco tastes?

Then I went to the coals to check them out. I ordered coals from Germany before, and they were damn cheap!
This website sells:
- Coconara, 54 pieces for 3,69. This is 7,4 for 108, which is ~$9,15.
- 40mm Instant lite coals for 7,99, $9,89.
- Bamboocha Nats, 3kg for 6,49, $8,04
- Cocobrico 3kg for 5,99, $7,42
- three kings QL's, 33mm and 40mm for 8,99 and 9,99 per 100.

This is just wow, never seen such cheap coals. Even the coconara's have a nice price, never seen them that cheap.

They got a few hose brands, nammor hoses for 18,99, and a few brands I don't know.
Some bowls, I think some cheap chinese phunnels, vortexes, but they are cheap!

After seeing all the products on this site, I definately am going to buy things here, coals for sure, maybe a KM, some tobacco..
So, can you tell me anything about the tobacco brands, and about the KM hookahs, are they cheap, anyone ordered one there before?
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