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Default Re: New Hookah Already!

Originally Posted by dark2light2 View Post
Alright, so if I got that one, added a nammor hose for one port (my friends will have to pitch in if they want a second nammor!) a phunnel bowl, and some exotica coals, I should have a great setup?

Im just trying to get into the 2 hose world, I really love my KM, like a lot, its just I need more hoses >.<

Yes, you would have a FANTASTIC set up... but remember, a session is only as good as the person who prepped it. Meaning, you can buy the best hookah in the world, and if you don't know how to properly set it up or prep it, you're not going to have a good session.

But if you have the hang of that already down, then yes, that set up would be perfect. I personally have a similar one, except it's a one hose. It's my daily go to smoke. I just have to have the best possible session each time I set up, so that's why I use mine so much even though I have types/brands...
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