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Default Re: Mya Mozza or Mya Cosmos ?

Originally Posted by TChill View Post
hi hookah pro community
im not sure if i posted this in the right topic or whatever so if not pls forgive me ^^
well i wanted to buy a new hookah so im not sure which is the right one ...
i thought about the mya mozza or the the mya cosmos because i like both of the designs and heard the mya is pretty good except of the hose
but i dont know which one is the better one so could you help me and give me some advice the most important thing for me is how much smoke comes out !
or do you know some better hookahs they should be about the same size, price and should produce a lot of smoke
Thank you for your help
and sry for my bad english ....
Where are you thinking of buying from? We have discounts for vendors that are trust worthy and they can save you some good money.
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