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Default How do you pack starbuzz in a egyptian bowl?

How do you pack starbuzz in a egyptian bowl?

that is the question i ask.

I use al fakher with my two egyptian bowls and find the cut is smaller and easier to fill up the bowl while having good air flow. cause the starbuzz is thicker and longer it seems to have limite air flow,

Im making shisha the same i would with al fakher, and its not working.

I use mera quick lights. they are good coals i have smoked shisha with them for years and they do the job with al fakher. not like ur average quick lights these are actually high quality. Ive had no luck with using quick lights on starbuzz.. i find it gets very harsh in the egyptian bowl... so i was thinking of just using a vortex bowl, but i dont see how that will work cause the starbuzz isnt as wet as al fakher..

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