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Originally Posted by matchbox View Post
yeah i believe this is a case of seriously messed up parenting why would anyone let the child do this. i could understand if there kid knew what they were getting into but at 18 months to 2 years old there is not enuff reasoning skills there to know how bad it is for them i have a 3 year old and would never even consider letting him smoke my cigs.
they ahd to of trained the kid to do this my 2 year old grabs my hookah hose from me all the time and blows on it....i let him blow in it cause it cleant the stagnant smoke out when i let i tsit for more than a few mins!! but if he ever puffed th esmoke id tell him no more clearin gthe hookah for mommy and not let him do it again.. bu tyou gotta realise a 2 or 3 year old blows in th ehose or pipe as an instinct and you gotta really teach them to suck on the pipe or hose....these parents need to have their kids taken until they cna learn better parenting skills!!
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