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Originally Posted by AralVorkosigan View Post
I fail to see where supporting the smoking habbits of those under 18 violates any law. To discuss a topic one must be fully prepared to see both sides of the argument. I agree that this behavior is really messed up and needs to be nipped in the butt, but simply stating ones opinion is not nesesarly prooting an idea. If someone did support the smoking of cigarettes buy young children, first they would be messed up in the head, but they also would still be abiding by any law of the united states or this forum.

With that said, I do not support this activity, but mearly think this kid has some skill at smoke rings, and hope he survives to see his forst legal smoking session so he can get some real clouds, and blow everyone away with his superior rings.
At no point did I say that this could not be discussed. We have plenty of threads on this subject as it is. What I did say was that we do not support it and that our rules fall in line with the US standard for tobacco consumption.

What is a problem is mentioning illegal substance in support or otherwise. You are not allowed to mention them in ANY capacity.
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