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Default Re: hookah better than cigarettes?

I think it's completely ridiculous that no REAL testing has been done as to the exact effects of hookah vs cigarettes. I know that many people are curious, and many scientists would like to put this to bed. So why don't they? All the research I pull up on the web are from "studies" that are about 4-5 years old, and not a single one of them seems to present solid facts. Everything is a generality, and guesswork done by scientists who only want to get the message across that "smoke = bad for you"

Sure, that may be true, but I'd like some solid numbers to look at. They all say that hookah smoke has tar like cigarettes, but doesn't most shisha have 0% tar now? and what exactly is the nicotine level in a standard cigarette? is .5% a lot lower/higher, comparatively?

I'd really also like to see a breakdown of the chemicals present in the inhaled/exhaled smoke, because if the primary health concerns are the tar level and nicotine levels, then wouldn't the new Evolution Tea Shisha be extremely less harmful? Or are there other chemicals at play? Doesn't seem to me like there would be, what with Shisha having only 3-4 ingredients at most, compared to 500 in cigs.
Seems to me the only issue with the Tea Shisha would be the fact that, yes, you still are inhaling smoke, which isn't exactly as clean as regular air, no matter how you try to filter it (and no, water can't filter much out, especially since the smoke is only in it for less than a second. That's pretty obvious to me haha)

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but don't you all find it retarded that no one is taking an in-depth look at all this?? Who do we have to write a letter to?

...and if anyone thinks that maybe the reason no one has thoroughly researched it is because a lack of funds/time, then may I point out that scientists spent years researching how to create seedless watermelons, because spitting seeds out is a hassle... so I bet a matter of life and death by smoke inhalation shouldn't be too difficult to justify some time to look into.
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