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Heyy people, so I've been doing some resarch and I want to buy a new Hookah. Ive been focused on KM's mostly because of the great things I hear about them. Their great! Alright, so I rather performace than looks right now and is there some people that can Point me in the right direction to a great working KM?

I do have a price range, no higher than $115usd. Ive been looking into but I was hoping people can tell me other trustful vendors and such.

Aside from the hookah, what Bowl do you recommend? Ive heard both positive feedback on Vortex's and Phunnels.

Another thing, would be the Coal. Are CH insta light ups good? Or Regular CH's?

I want opinions really, since hookah is all about opinions and some what of knowledge..

Thank you!
Tommy :P
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