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Default Re: Anybody on here have this hookah?

Originally Posted by RaceMyGhost View Post
My dad has one

I was going through some of his stuff to see if anything would interest me (he told me to take whatever i want, he's a big collector and has many anciet things lol) and i came across that very same hookah in his pile of stuff. Its VERY VERY old and i dont know how hookahcompany even got a hold of it.

I liked the glass base a lot (he has the blue version) but the stem...ehh not so much. Its poor quality, nothing seals properly, and its just not worth the hassle in trying to get it to work. I would say pass on it, even if you're into smoking traditional tobacco. I see it as being more of a collectors item and something you just put up for display.
Once again I say: Pipes of this type are for TOMBAK. The seals shouldn't be a huge issue with this type of smoking. This pipe is not made for ma'assell, not even traditional types like Zaghloul. It is made to handle a tobacco that is used and smoked entirely differently than what most of you are used to, and as I said, I imagine the bare wooden interior only enhances that experience.

Race, it doesn't surprise me that your dad may have a similar pipe. Pipes of this style are extremely popular in Iran and the surrounding areas. They're just not so common in the west where the only thing anyone's ever exposed to is wet sugary stuff that would play hell on a pipe of this type.

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