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Default First buy choices choices :)

Hi guys im new so lemme start by introducing myself im Nur a 20 yr old uni undergrad and like most of you I love Hookah so I have decided to buy one for personal use at home

Basically after reading about a bit I know that I want to buy a KM, however I require some help interms of which one to buy because there are so many choices.

The ones I really like are:

Km world cup trophy 32"
Km tri metal 32"
Km double pear 38"
Km Black pear 30"
Km Exotica 39"

All of these are in my price range at a reasonable 60-80 pounds, they all look very nice and from what Ive read have easy draws and large clouds.
So my request which one do you think I should go for and why If there are better ones available in my price range please let me know Thank you. Also which websites would be best to purchase from so far I have looked at 2.

(Apologies if link posting isnt allowed)


Standard one that comes with shisha +
Nammour/Razan Washable


Thanks for reading and helping, if there are any tips or extra help interms of what flavors are good that would be most welcome too
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