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Default Re: Addicted to Hookah?

I don't think you are addicted when you smoke every day, two times a day, 3 times a week, whatever.
I think ppl are addicted to hookah when they can't live without it. If you leave a party earlier to go home to set up a bowl and smoke, or don't go to your friends because you can't smoke hookah there. If you are doing such things, I think you are addicted.

But.. addiction can be different for every person. Some ppl are addicted to cigs and smoke 15 cigs a day, others do smoke 50 cigs a day and are also addicted. Is the 50 cig guy more addicted than the 15 cigs guy? Don't think so. If you can do fine without a few days of hookah, you are fine imo.
I don't think you should compare how much you smoke with other ppl. If you think you are addicted, try to smoke once each 2 days, if you feel you aren't addicted, just go on
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