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Default Re: First buy choices choices :)

Hi, first of all, welcome to HookahPro!

I assume you live in the UK, as you speak in Pounds?
Then it's better to order from a webshop in the EU, not in the US, as the shipping costs are expensive, but I see you looked on some UK websites, so that's ok.

I hear KM's are the best hookahs around, some ppl will disagree with me, but most of them say so. I think you should go for the KM that's the most beautiful for you.
Personally, I don't like the pear KM's, so I wouldn't buy one, but maybe you like the pear, and you should buy it then.
I like the trimetal, and the exotica the most. But, if you ask it here, every member will give different awnsers, so it's better to think about it yourself and buy the one which is the most beautiful for you.

I got a good website for you: It's a German website. I am going to order my KM there too. They got some nice models, also the exotica, trimetal, and some more! Their price range is from 42-55 pounds (€50-65).

And, it's a German website, so coals are very cheap on there compared to UK websites. On, you can buy 1kg of cocobrico coals for 3,49 pounds. On the german website, you can buy 3kg for 5,08 pounds! They sell a lot of coals you can also buy on UK websites, only cheaper.

The only downsite is they don't sell vortex bowls, only cheap chinese brand vortexes. So if you really want a vortex you should order on a UK webshop who sells them, or make an order for a vortex bowl and an order for your KM.
The best hookah bowls around are the Phunnel bowls and Vortex bowls.

For the hoses, Nammor/Razan hoses have a very tight pull, just as a KM hose which you'll get when you buy a KM. But the Nammor/Razan hoses are washable, and the KM hose is not washable. You can wash the KM hose, but the host can rust, and if that happens you can throw it away.
It doesn't mean a KM hose sucks, you can just blow all the smoke out of the hose after each session, and you won't taste ghosted flavours each time you smoke.

As for the tobacco, in Europe it is much harder to get some nice tobacco compared to the US. Nakhla and Al Fakher are probably the only nice brands you can get in the UK, it are very good brands. For the flavours, everyone got his own favourite flavours. I like Al Fakher Double Apple, Nakhla Mandarin, Nakhla Peach the most, that are my favourites.

I hope I helped you with this. If you have any questions feel free to ask
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