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CocoNaras are the best so far in my opinion.

I had order Exoticas Finger Coals, but they are horrible. They give off a smell when your lighting, (normal maybe, but coconaras doesnt) they give off excess CO, My CO meter hit 79.7PPM That is scary. And i have a my windows open too.

I ran out of coconaras lately. So i went back to the Exoticas but were smoking outside with my friend and 2 bowls in, i was getting light headed, just started the 3rd bowl (just got back tobacco store and got flower power, jm tequila sunrise, and sb royal grape) and i couldnt go on anymore. Wasn't because of the flavor, but the extreme headache from smoking with Exotica Natural Finger coals. It was so bad i couldnt even move! cause it hurt so much. And it just went away recently.. took 12 hours!


Anyhow i have an order of both CH Naturals and CocoNaras coming soon from hookah shisha. Thought i try the CH ones to see if i like it. Give you an update once i try em both.
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