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Default Re: ash in vortex bowl

Same thing. Here are my theories.

Vortex bowl takes a lot of suction, so naturally some ash is going to get into the tobacco. I get it with both nats and QLS. When you smoke though, all the suction causes vibration, the vibration shakes the seared top layer and the tinfoil with the holes letting ash fall into the bowl.

As for the grommet. Mine is always wet, so when you smoke, any ash that would get into the stem through the bowl, would stick to the wet grommet, or, when i use my vortex with a windcover, the ashes will fall to the sides of the bowl and attach at the bottom there aswell.

But I can say, with a vortex, Ive never had ash in my mouth, which would suck with a huge nammor hose.
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