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Default Re: First buy choices choices :)

Thx for the welcome guys, yes I live in the uk n Thx for the detailed reply, personally I think its between the tri metal and world cup trophy. I like the Exotica but I think its a bit too big, I might end up buying both the main concern is performance not appearance because both are very nice looking. Or is the performance the same on the large km's, if so then it all comes down to appearance in which case i go with the tri metal

Ye i have had a look at the german website it looks good but im not sure if its legit no way to check reviews i guess, I want to buy from a reputable retailer preferably one that is reasonable. I will check out and see how much extra i have to pay due to shipping if its not much i might just go with it to avoid buying knock offs. I will probably have to buy the flavors from England, there are some good shops/cafes near me who sell in bulk at reasonable prices.
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