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Default Re: How often do you smoke?

Originally Posted by EvanW View Post
I don't see a correlation...
buddy its very simple i start work at 5am i work anywhere from 2pm - 7pm i dont know what days i have off till i finish work the day before, its very hard smelly work and it is bitch work... if you pick mushrooms, i give you what you need... i dont get paid well people never show up for there shift, there is never enough people to do a job, recently they took away our last break period, there is never enough supplies or our power jacks are never charged. all our tools are always broken and it takes roughly 3 months to fix a minor problem and then it is a shitty fix so it brakes 3 weeks later, people always ditch work early and then i am left to work there shift. if your white (i am) you are the minority. the supervisors are asian and they openly favor the asians, and the blacks can be lazy, they just claim racism if the supervisors say anything to them... the only thing i like is that everyone gets along there. i am friends with everyone there, and i never argue with anyone, i have a asian girlfriend in another department at the farm. so its really shitty work, but at least everyone gets along
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