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Unhappy Several KM Questions

I recently bought a KM 22" Heart of Lion-
and I've had some odd problems with it. The stem of the hookah doesn't really sit nicely, the grommet makes a good seal, but the metal part of the hookah moves around really easily when we pass the hose around. It moves so much I can't actually use the hose that came with it, because the large wooden piece that hooks up to the stem makes it bend too far. I usually run water of the grommet because I heard that makes a better seal, but I've done it with and without water and had the same problem. My only thought is that I could pull the grommet up a little further in hopes of...something else happening.
Secondly, the smoke really isn't I fill the base with as much ice as possible, but the smoke is not nearly as cold as we can get in the free mya hookah that comes with 100 dollar orders from hookah-shisha that my friend has. Why is this? If it makes any difference, I'm using a nammor hose.
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