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Default Re: Looking for a new Hookah pipe

Hummm well I use a Nammor hose, I usually use a Vortex bowl or a Mya Mod bowl, I'm a big Romman and Starbuzz fan, I use Three kings QL (40mm) or Golden Coal QL (also 40mm). I'm pretty sure my water level is fine, I use the paint on my vase as a reference and I did try using less/more water just to be sure but to no effect. Everything seem to be tight and well sealed, now dont get me wrong I do get smoke out of it, just not as much as I can get from my other pipes. I know its not a problem with my bowl grommet as I have multiple size that I've tried, same goes for my hose grommet... As for the base grommet, I assume its fine, I dont see any leaks coming out of it... I clean it using a brush after each use and let it dry upright. I dunno, if something is indeed wrong with the pipe, I'm not sure what it would be! If you guys have an idea please enlighten me ^_^
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