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Default Re: The 17" Bracket Hookah

Originally Posted by EvanW View Post
I think that these hookahs are as much art as the traditional narghiles we're used to.

It's not art, it's kitschy, mass-produced Chinese junk. It is the antithesis of art. It destroys art.

Originally Posted by EvanW View Post
The only difference is, one is classical and the other is a more modern take on a classical tradition.
The difference is one is hand made using time-honored methods by real artisans, the other is made as cheaply as possible by underpaid, overworked sweatshop laborers. A traditional pipe will give it's owner many years of service, this piece of crap probably would function only minimally out of the box.

The traditional pipes of the mideast follow a common design pattern because it's a functionally perfect design refined and perfected over centuries of dedicated artistry.

This thing looks like it was designed with absolutely no thought towards purpose. It's only purpose is to make a quick dollar of the ignorant, functionality does not enter into the equation.

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