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Default Re: New Hookah Already!

Mya hoses aren't entirely crap. They just suck when it comes to the washable part. But overall, at least the Cloissone hoses, are bad ass! I used to smoke out of the Cloissone that came with mine everyday, and it was a great hose. It went perfect with the hookah, and looked way better than any other hose on the market. The only shitty part was when it rusted, that kind of sucked. But then again, maybe the fact that it was exposed to the outdoor elements 24/7, wasn't such a good thing either...

I'm willing to bet, that for someone who smokes indoors, the stock Mya hose will last them a very long time just as long as they don't run water through it. Regardless, it still lasted me a few months even with the previous mentioned conditions. It's not like you MUST replace it right away when you get it. You'll be fine with the Mya hose for a while as long as you're careful and keep it as humidity free as possible.
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