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Default Re: what do you think?

my list is gonna be sorta different, cause lets face it good shisha and good hookahs are a must any time any where.

1. youve gotta have friendly workers, but ones that know what the heck theyre doing. if they say it isnt hitting or it tastes like shit rectify the situation, or if you cant figure it out then offer them something different for no extra charge. keep the fresh coals coming and make sure they do rounds every so often, and make sure they socialize and have instant, regular friends till your gone.

2. the music thing is a bit of an issue, i know. just throw on an ipod over the system or wire up yourself some xm. or just regular fm works as well. mix it up so everyone is pleased. not everyone is gonna like every tune you play, but at least make it so something they like does come up. most people are gonna be focused on their buds to notice the music most of the time anyways.

3. get a tv. if you want get some cable. but make sure you slap a ps3 or a 360 into that sucker for some entertainment for you and others. make sure to have guitar hero and halo and you will have satisfied people, i know i am when i see someone stumming away to welcome to the jungle, even if its on easy.

4. you dont have to do this eventually, but get to where you can have excess supply, and sell some of it. open a store within your lounge. youll bring in some income and you can be known for the best hookah shop in the town.

and 5. differentiate yourself from the competition (either current or future) invest in something that will be unique to your lounge, something like a unique way to smoke, or out of something like the sultan for a set price and make deals for groups of people, like 10 for individuals and 7 per person in a group, and offer a hookah for every 2 people. the small things bring em in

if i decide to run a lounge those are things that would be a must for me.
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