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Default Re: Basic hookah tricks/tips

Funny tricks:

- Take a pipe, let me explain this, I mean when you have a roll of aluminium foil, and when you've used all the foil, you got a 'roll of carton' if you know what I mean, that one. Take a pull from your hookah, blow in the pipe/roll till you see smoke coming from the other site, and start to blow small parts of smoke out of your mouth. 99% of the time you got nice rings coming from the other side!
- Get some shampoo or dishwashing liquid, mix it with a little bit of water in a bowl. Cut off the end of a plastic coca cola bottle, put one end in the water/liquid, so that end is covered with some dishwashing liquid (like when blowing bubbles), take a pull of a hookah and blow in the other end of the part from the bottle you cut off, and you should get some smoke bubbles!
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