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Default KY/OH meetup! 6/13 (New Thread)

Hookah Meet! Taylorsville Lake State Park; Shelter 2; 1-11pm; NO COST!!!
Bring a hookah or bring a friend that has one! (Or both... or be the friend with a hookah...) Have a Greyhound bus full of friends with (or without) hookahs in your backyard? BRING THAT TOO!!Have some Frisbee's and some outdoor toys if you plan on staying for a long while and ever want to take a break from smoking. They do have a place for fishing and a bait store about five miles away from the park (to the left). Near the bait store is also a boat rental. Swimming isn't allowed unless you have a boat and you have a life jacket. No swimming on the bank.
Bring Sunscreen!!
This is a BYOS (bring your own "stuff") kind of deal. If you have extra tobacco and coals that you would like to share, by all means, don't be shy.
If you have natural coals, there will be hot plates to heat them (provided by forecastle).
If you have a massive surplus of coals, I'm sure you can find people to sell some too.
$$$$ BRING MONEY $$$$
There are some Pepsi machines throughout the park, but it would be in your best interest to bring a cooler of drinks and food.
DO NOT bring illegal substances. That will be our one-way ticket out of the park! This WILL be hosted in the HookahPro name, and we don't want to give the site a bad name!!
Mouthpieces? I think yes!


Alright, so with my amazing geographical skillz (NOT) I was an idiot and decided to hold the meet at Taylorsville Lake -- which happens to be near the center of KY instead of on the boarder between KY and OH like I thought it was. In order to keep it fair for those whom have already made arrangements to go to Taylorsville, we're still going to have one there this Sunday. Ohio goers, I offer my sincerest apologies for not making double sure of the location of the park. For those in the southern most parts of OH that are still interested, Taylorsville Lake is only two hours away from Cincinnati. KY kids, it's an hour west of Lexington.
Again, I'm sorry for the mix-up.


HEY! KY/OH meetup June 13th at Taylorsville Lake State Park!! 1pm-11pm EST
Shelter 2
If you like it, Smoke it!

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