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Default Re: hookah better than cigarettes?

ok lets get things straight....
Hookah is not safer then cigs.
they are both not good for your health but here are some facts
most shisha contains around 0.05 nicotin cigs have anywhere from 2.0 to 7.5 of nicotin they also contain tar shisha does not depending on the type of coals you use like quick lites are very unhealthy from all the chemicals to make it light.
also smoking from a hookah you take in alot of carbon monixcide because of the easy draw also your inhaling metal as the hookah is used and washed the metal starts to break off and you inhale it.

so in reality they are both bad for you.

For me i found that smoking hookah doesnt effect me at the gym as much as smoking cigs
i quit smoking cigs after smoking for 2 years now i only smoke hookah sometimes as often as 3 times a day with a small bowl of 7gs to 15gs

also cigs burn at anywhere from 650 750 degrees F
shisha is around 330 degrees F
so shisha doesnt put out as many chemicals

smoke happy
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