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Default Re: hookah better than cigarettes?

I've read the article.

Like one user comments, "..and while it does enlighten and inform us of the way he has been silenced by the likes of Globalink and varying publications, he doesn't provide many facts about hookah smoking and how his findings differ from those of the WHO. It seems to be more about how he has been silenced by these people rather than disproving their research with his own."

I actually approve of the article for the most part. I would have much rather had been posted some passages from hard evidence in the included sources rather than a long, NWO'esque feel of the read. Some of the references have some really good data, but I couldn't find 100% of it. In any case, I think *how* you smoke hookah is a lot more relevant than the practice itself. How much, how heavily you burn, how much proper caution you take in cleanliness, etc. are other factors that weren't heavily addressed.

Again I smoke both, so whatever I find more dangerous, well... heh.

For what it's worth, none of the 27 institutes and offices that the NIH (primary Mayo tobacco research benefactor) is comprised of seemed to be condemned by Chaouachi, and the source of that Mayo article researches under huge acknowledgment to the Minnesota tobacco trials.
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