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Default Re: so how do i clean or take care of my KM hose if its none washable?

Originally Posted by esteban View Post
Originally Posted by babaganoush123 View Post
you know those black chunks that go in your mouth some times? what are those? how do i get rid of those?
That is bits of coal.
Coals? I don't think so. The Coal would have to pass through 3 filters.
1) aluminum foil 2) shisha and 3) water. I doubt "chunks" can even make it that far. I am 95% sure that is the rust that is forming inside your hose.

I would replace to hose. It has already been contaminated. Either get a washable hose (Nammor, Razan, Narbish, or Karim Abdul)

Cheapest right now. Maybe you can take advantage of the HP deal and buy the Karim Abdul for $14 shipped. Details at

And if you can't still replace it. And just make sure you get the right water level.
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