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Talking Re: can you use natrual fire amber/coals from a bonfire

Originally Posted by uglybiker View Post
People had to use somethin' before 'hookah coals' were invented!
hmm i thought they just used hot j/k they actually used arange from packes hay balls to charcoal made from flash burning wood, and lighting the tobbacco directly from a piece o fwood from a fire... they would set i tdirectly onto the tobbacco and herbs and not use foil!! where my hsuband i sfrom many stil put the coal right on the tobbacco or herb some use foil and others a hookah chimeny!! i prefer to put the coal right on th etobbacco and let it burn... its a bit harcher at first but once it settles it gets soo smooth an dwhen they top is black just flip the tobbaco and expose th efresh stuff and put the coal to that!! oh an daint no body ever died from useing alil piece of natural wood for a hookah in apinch!!
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