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Default Re: What Flavors to get :D

code 69 is the worst thing i ever smoked, it gets the trophy for disgusting

in starbuzz you should try blue mist if you havent had it, but its only good the first time you buy it. you think its awesome and then you buy it again and cant figure out why you liked it.
white peach, not only does my gf like it, but i can actually enjoy something she likes as well.
strawberry margarita, and xmas mix are good as well

in AF: orange and mint, and these mix together well

Tangiers: horchata, orange soda, and mimon(lemon mint)

Nahk: cardamon, cinnamon, double apple (mix all 3 25%, 25% 50%), mizo (just about any) and earl grey

if you want to try some traditional tobacco:
AF: soft black (only sold in kilos) or pipe(chocolate)
Desi Murli, id recommend roohafza, pan rasna and kewra (available at
Nahkla Zaglouol, Bata, and tombac

if you wonder about a brand i have not mentioned, go ahead and ask
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