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Default Help me pick my first hookah please :)

First off, sorry about all the newbie questions that I'm about to ask but I really enjoy being educated on a subject before seriously jumping into it. I'va been smoking hookah about a year now and have have decided to purchase my own. I have it narrowed down to a few choices.

Now for a few random questions. What is a phunnel bowl and what makes it different/more special than a regular bowl? Also what are some oher types of bowls and what are pros and cons of them?
Is KM pretty much the top of the line hookah on the market today?

Now for my potential hookah choices. Please give me pros and cons of each of these and tell me which you think would be best. Also I plan on getting a nammor hose to use with whichever hookah I get so of you could tell me whether or not the nammor hose would work with these I'd be much obliged. Last but not least, if you decide to recommend a hookah I don't have on my list could you please post a link to it.

Mya qt

nammor azizi

km tefnut


Thank you all so much for your input and dealing with my newbie-ness, I really appreciate it
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