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Default Re: Help me pick my first hookah please :)

Out of the four hookahs that you listed, my two favorites are the KM and the Nammor. Keep in mind that the Nammor comes with the hose (a $20 value) which you said that you already intend to buy anyways...some spending money for some other goodies.

First, a normal bowl has holes going through the bottom. Juices tend to seap down into your stem making an unnecessary mess. For wet tobacco, AF/Starbuzz, a phunnel or vortex has a spire in the middle of the bowl. The phunnel having a single large hole in the top of the spire allowing the smoke to pull through and the vortex having 4 holes around the outside of the spire where the smoke will pull through. Either bowl is a favorite here, I can vouch for the Vortex, I love mine.

And yes, KM are regarded as some of the best hookahs around.

One thing that you didnt ask about is coals. Get yourself a box of coconaras (108 count) and a $10 single coil burner from walmart (unless your stove already has one). Natural coals may take longer to light but they are well worth the extra effort!

Hope this might help.
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