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Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
I have up to 15 people usually smoking form 1 Mya Acrylic at my house, so i have 4 hose ports and 4 Nammor hoses.
Honestly, passing 1 hose inbetween 15 people isn't gonna fly. And 2 hookahs is too much money and too much trouble.
I have posted about this before, and everyone here loves 1 hosed hookahs.
I have to say this....YOU DON'T GET LESS SMOKE!
Really, you dont', actually that doesn't even make any sense at all. Maybe i should start taking cloud pictures to prove it.
Quoted For Truth..

I pretty much only smoke with friends, and I have 4 nammor hoses on one hookah, and still everyone gets plenty of smoke. Billowing clouds of it.. As for burning up your stuff way too fast we have timed it. With a Large Phunnel bowl full of Romman shisha(can't name a flavor cause we always mix) it lasts about 45mins on 3 pieces of an exotica stick broken into quarters. Now if you add another 3 new pieces once the old coals are pretty much gone you can get another 25-30 mins out of it, but it's usually just nicer to change out the bowl. Once you hit 4 people trying to smoke a one hose hookah it gets tedious. People want to hold their hose while they try to convey their profound thoughts, or try and sneak hog it, or just generally take forever, and instead of everyone being able to enjoy the hookah and each other's company it devolves into everyone staring at whoever has the hose waiting for the pass. I have a one hose hookah, but even if it's just me and one other person I still use the 4 hose hookah just cause.
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