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Default Re: What Flavors to get :D

Thx so much guys lots of info here, Np HSK the more the merrier im gna have a fun time compiling a list of what I want from all the stuff you guys have mentioned (I want all of it ) not to mention an increase in budget might be required hehe

Not tried Starbuzz at all so Im gna give that a go, I love Redbull and pan (actually I think I will prolly love all the spicy stuff) so Ill be ordering some of that, Ill go for a bit of everything I think to give me a good sample and idea of what I like for next time

Sorry more questions guys What weights should I buy in (50g? or more) and which retailer should I use where I can get a good price? perhaps a discount as well

Thx again every one for all the help
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