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Default Re: Ed Hardy hookahs gone for good?

Originally Posted by jvminner View Post
The thing is modern Ed Hardy isn't the same thing by a long shot. This Ed Hardy is shitty commercialized crap exploiting the Ed Hardy Tattoo name. This stuff is bastardizing tattoo culture in one of it's purest original forms and is truely a sin. If you have an old pin-up style or that era tattoo, good on you, but if you have anything made by this piece of shit then I have to say, go F*CK yourself.
Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
His original concept was interesting. After that it seemed to lose it's signature touch and it seemed to drop from a fusion of Japanese and classic American style and just became a flashier version of old shipyard style tattoos. Not to even mention the commercialization and associated culture.
That seems to about cover it. Its a bastardized representation of something that was once cool that got lost in translation into trendy bullshit. I agree that Ed Hardy, as a tattoo artist, created some beautiful art. But Ed Hardy tattoos and clothing is like comparing the original "Starry Night" painting to the toilet bowl painted like "Starry Night". (I hope i need not explain the allusion)
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