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Default Re: First buy but do i need accessories and wich one ?

That hookah is really nice!!!

- A wind cover. ? Yes imo, really useful for heat management if you are smoking inside or outside.
- Plastic mouth tips ? Don't think so, unless you are really hygienic.
- A phunnel or vortex ? I can do fine with my egypt/modern bowl, but if you feel like buying one, do so. I only hear positive things about both the phunnel and vortex.
- Extra coal ? I don't know where you ordered this hookah, but if it's the US, I should only buy charcoal if it's really cheap and if you got none left. In Germany, coals are really really cheap, so I should order some coals there.
- KM stem brush ? If there is no brush added when you buy your hookah, you should buy one. You really need a brush if you want to clean your hookah properly.
- Charcoal Holder, PAN ? It can be useful. If you feel like buying one, do so. I don't need one myself when smoking, but others do. It's up to you
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