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Default Re: First buy but do i need accessories and wich one ?

Congrats on the new pipe! Ive heard great things about that rig and was looking at getting one myself.

wind cover- yes, great for controlling heat
Plastic mouth tips- not needed, if you plan on going to parties with hookahs or bringing this hookah to a party (i would strongly suggest against that one) then its good to have a few on hand
A phunnel or vortex- both haha. they are equally loved. get one, the other, or both!
Extra coal- yes, but make sure its cocos or ******* hookah coconut coals. the best by far.
KM stem brush- big yes, needed for proper cleaning and you dont want phantom flavors from not cleaning your hookah good enough.
Charcoal Holder- not super necessary. i just use a small cookie sheet or baking tray or whatever.

my opinions. whatever you decide, peace love and hookah!
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