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Default Re: First buy but do i need accessories and wich one ?

Originally Posted by ttdr View Post
I can't say where i am going to buy the hookah . you will fgure it out when googling Khalil mamoon halzone.

- Yea i'm pretty hygienic. so i'm going to orders some if friends come over..
- A wind cover are there any good ones or are they all the same ?
- I'l buy some coals in germany then.
- I'l also buy a brush.
- The holder is handy i'm not that good with tongs and coals. (A).

* and what about foil will any do or do i need the special foil for a better smoke.

foil is foil. foil can greatly differ in thickness from basically tissue paper thin to what seems like thin sheet metal depending on brand. and i dont mean the pre-cut i just mean the stuff from the grocery store. youll find one you like. and there are other variables like shiny side down, or up. amount of holes. two pieces of foil. all depends on preferences and what brand tobacco really.
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