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Default Re: Help me pick my first hookah please :)

Originally Posted by shak2ruff View Post
i would go with aladdin, the wealding and purge valve beat any other i have used
my purge valve screws off so you can put an adapter on it for another hose!! i got a delux model. you dont really nead a purge valve if you are smoken with someone or sitting there smoken by yourself and arent goin to walk away for more than a few mins. id say buy one for the size of its base and what you wanna do with it ie is it for home or to take with you!! also make sure it has extra seeling gaskets and a washable hose and a nice sized bowl for the top!! you also want the stem to be easy to clean with hookah brushes!! you need hookah brushes an donly use mild soap wiht it AND rinse it out and clean it at least every 3-4 uses for smaller bases and 5-6 uses for larger bases ,you only have to change the water on all but one of the cleanings in the month you MUST clean the stem and basen with thye brushes once or twice amonth to prevent buildup unless you plan on smoken it more than once or twice in a day!! have fun gettin buzzed!!
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