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Default Re: First buy but do i need accessories and wich one ?

-A wind cover. ? YES make sure it is an extra large one that will fit over vortex/phunnel bowls. THIS IS A MUST BUY.

- Plastic mouth tips ? Only if you are going to have ppl over to smoke. I don't know about you but I usually only smoke with my close friends so I know are not ill or diseased lol

- A phunnel or vortex ? I have a vortex and love it. It prevents all the goo from dripping down the stem of my rig. It also helps to keep the flavor fresh and strong through the entire session. THIS IS A MUST BUY

- Extra coal ? you can never have enough coals. are you going to buy quick lights or natural coals?

- KM stem brush ? Your pipe should come with a brush. If not there are many diy brushes that you can make with old scrub pads and wire coat hangers.

- Charcoal Holder, PAN ? This is not a necessity unless you are using natural coals. I would personally go to the salvation army or some other used goods store and buy a few old pots that you would normally cook with.

-Hose What kind of hose did your rig come with? If you do not have a washable hose you need to buy one. a washable hose IS A MUST BUY. I have a v3 narbish and love it. If you smoke a strong flavor like mint of coffee it does a lot of damage to your hose but a washable one will be back in action just after you wash it.
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